California on Film (Partially)

This is a collection of photos that tells the story of the HYPED team in California during the SpaceX student competition.

Part of these photos were taken using a film camera.

During the SpaceX Competition week several tests needed to be passed. However even after all the testings in the SpaceX car park all team members kept on working on the pod from the AirBnB (Film)

Stressful times and hard decisions weren’t lacking however working as a team made everyone feel more confident and supported (Film)
As the competition day approached everyone was working restlessly on the pod even in the incredible high temperatures of Los Angeles (Film)
This photo was taken during the competition day. Everything the team worked for in one year came to an end on  the 21 of July 2019 and even if our pod didn’t run we were still extremely proud of our work
This is the last picture taken in the SpaceX Competition and represents the end of the efforts of this year work (Film)
After the competition was over we started exploring California and its beautiful beaches (Film)
The day after the competition the whole team went for a “Goodbye swim” in the cold Pacific Ocean  (Film)
I then left with some of my best friends for an adventurous road trip that started with the discovery of an amazing night sky in the middle of the Californian fields
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