Beauty Queens – Ethnographic Research in Hong Kong

This summer, I travelled to Hong Kong to conduct ethnographic research centered on Filipina domestic workers and their relationship with beauty. Thanks to the Go Abroad Fund, I was able to attend a beauty pageant, collect interviews, conduct participant observation, take photos and videos. This experience not only enriched my understanding of my topic but also taught me what it means to be an anthropologist in the field.

Before I left, I was worried about the protests and civil unrest in Hong Kong. International and local news outlets reported multiple clashes between Hong Kong police and the protesters. While I was there, I was able to avoid the protests by keeping track of the scheduled demonstration locations.

Domestic workers dancing
‘Stop Commodification and Modern-Day Slavery of Women!’ sign
Social gatherings on Macau Ferry Terminal bridge
Beauty Pageant
Hong Kong
Categories: Asia, Go Abroad Fund

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