HYPED in California

On the 16th of July, I took my flight to California towards Los Angeles, where I have been until the 24th of July.

You would ask, why have you gone to California?

The last academic year, I have joined the student society “HYPED”, which as main activity it has the design process of the Hyperloop, a new means of transportation thought by Elon Musk and left open source for everyone to work on it. Every year, SpaceX organises a competition, the “Hyperloop One -SpaceX Competition” joined by thousands of teams from all over the world.

In those days in California I helped the team to re-assemble the pod we have shipped from Edinburgh and to complete the last few tasks to keep participating in the competition.

Our University’s team has arrived in the finals and has placed 5th out of more than 2000 competing teams.  It has been great! We have even met and talked to Elon Musk!!!

However, this trip has also had a fun part! To relax from the stress, we have hiked to the Observatory to admire the Hollywood sign and spent few days in the most famous beaches in the LA area, where I have surfed for the first time in my life!

It has been a great experience, which has let me grow professionally and see another part of the world I have never seen before!! Plus, I have done a tour of the NASA JPL Laboratory in Pasadena, which was amazing!!!

I would like to thank the GoAbroad Office and The Principal, because without the Principal’s GoAbroad Fund it would have been very difficult for me and my family to pay for the entire trip and I would have missed this amazing experience!

Here are some photos from my trip!

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