Markets, Music and Mini Golf!

Today was the last day in Kelowna before we head off to Vancouver. We started off the day with breakfast together in one of the flats (most if us anyway) before heading to catch a minibus taking us to Penticton. After a beautiful lakeside drive lasting around an hour, we had arrived. We headed to the weekly market which offered a variety of both local and international produce and gifts. After a browse and filling up on free samples among other tasty goods for lunch, we headed to meet an aboriginal elder. He showed us around their community centre and gave as a brief lesson in all things aboriginal. We were then picked up by the bus and driven to play crazy golf.
9/18 holes later (depending in how quick you were) we were done and heading off to the last stop of the day, Ihop! Here we just about killed ourselves with mammoth amounts of waffles and pancakes.
With food comas and packing on or minds, we headed to the bus stop home. While waiting, we decided an impromptu Walmart visit was a must!
And it didn’t disappoint!! Much hilarity was found in the card aisle. An hour later, we were finally ready to leave and head for our last ever Kelowna bus.

Categories: British Columbia, Canada, The Widening Horizons Programme

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