Vancouver Baby!

Starting the morning a little sleepy we were soon on our way to the big city. Exciting!
But as per the theme of the trip…the journey to the airport in the taxi was, well pretty strange. Odd driver, driving the car back and forward repeatedly at the lights, then to top it all off driving away with his boot (trunk) open. Interesting morning. But (apart from a temporary loss of someone’s purse) the day was disaster-free. Woohoo!

After dropping our stuff off at the hotel we got lunch (very yummy) then went off to explore Vancouver for an hour or so. It was good fun AND we eventually found some maple butter!! Going into classic, cheesy, touristy shops is very worthwhile.

Later that afternoon we went to Capilano Suspension Bridge. This. Was. Amazing. It was really beautiful yet a little scary. 230 ft high! We also got a few dinner suggestions from a nice couple here so it was even more worthwhile going.
We then headed to Granville Island to see the huge market. It was fab: so much fresh fruit, veg. etc and CHOCOLATE! Whilst on Granville Island we went to one of the restaurants suggested called The Sand Bar. It was a lovely place, great food and we celebrated Neil’s birthday (Happy Birthday to You!).
We then headed back to the hotel for a nice quiet night in…sort of.

One of the attributes I wanted to improve was taking personal responsibility. This was our first day in a city we had never been in before, with no planned activities and very little communication due to the extreme shortage of wifi whilst on the move. I felt that, although I was with other members of the group most of the day, this helped me to start to improve this attribute as we always made sure we knew where and when we should meet as a group and I always tried to make sure I knew where members of the group were and that we were all together before we left so no one was left behind. It just shows that if we are organised and take responsibility for knowing what everyone’s doing we can do without mobile phones at times like these.

So to finish off here I would like to say thank you to the organisers of the trip. It has been a truly amazing experience and I feel like I have really bonded with everyone. We’re almost like a little family now.

Can’t not post this…quote of the day!                         “Is rainbow not a colour?”

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