Thursday, Kelowna

Hello from Canada! I’m here to tell you about our experiences up until Thursday. Unfortunately WiFi has been extremely difficult to connect to on campus, hence why my post is a few days late. I think however, that the difficulty in getting Internet has acted in a positive way for the group in the sense that it has brought the group closer together since we have filled our free time by spending time with each other where as we may have spent the time behind our phone or computer screens. It didn’t occur to me before the trip how close the group would become but I certainly think its safe to say that we are like a family just now. I feel as though I could talk to anyone in the group and feel completely comfortable.


The day off my blog was extremely eventful, from meeting a boy who wears a tail all day everyday to annoy people, to a man who followed us to a beach and claimed to be Elvis Presley’s son as well as the Queen’s to a drama class in the morning.


Before coming to Canada one of the main attributes that I wanted to improve in myself was confidence and I seen this development during the drama class. For the warm up we had to participate in exercises in which I would usually have shied out off. After a while I was fully involved in all the activities, not caring if I was embarrassing myself. Hopefully this newfound confidence will continue stay with me and can help me in the future.


On Thursday we were lucky enough to have almost a full day to ourselves with nothing planned. We had the drama class early morning before heading to a kangaroo farm and then to a beach in Lake Country. Afterwards we returned to Kelowna where we had dinner. Because we had the full day to ourselves it provided a brilliant opportunity for us to bond, as we had to decide amongst ourselves what we planned on doing. The class also provided a chance to bond as we got to work with each other.


So far Canada has been a once in a lifetime opportunity and I cant thank the organisers enough for the chance to develop myself as a person in such a great country and being surrounded by such fantastic people. Once again I’d like to say a huge thanks to Johanna Holton, Neil Spiers and Thomas Oziers.

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