4th June

We started the day pretty early today – a molecular chemistry lecture that mostly went over all of our heads. Something about Lewis structures – ‘Art Class for Chemists’. The lecture theatres here are a lot different to the ones in Edinburgh, but I did notice a girl using a program called ‘Connect’ that looks like the equivalent of our Learn which was interesting.

We then had a bit of time to get ready before heading to a winery tour in downtown Kelowna, and got to see all the beautiful scenery on the half hour drive to Mission Hill. There are quite a few vineyards here because the climate is a lot warmer here like in California and the valley itself avoids most of the wet weather. We got to see the cellar where they keep around 250,000 bottles worth of wine which was amazing, then we got to try some different kinds (well, some of us are still 18, including myself, so we got some fizzy peach juice that’s also made in Okanagan).

Then we had a picnic lunch in a place called City Park which was nice, and had ice-cream on the way back. The weather is so lovely! It makes it really nice to appreciate all the lovely views here.

Someone very kindly loaned us a bat and ball, so we played some frisbee and started on rounders. Though the rules were mainly unclear and there were some disagreements, it was a lot of fun. It reminded me a lot of home, and it was a good way to bond with a couple of other students from the university who turned up a little later.

Our ceilidh was a huge success, and the second part of the afternoon we had planned for the other students. Quite a lot of people turned up which made it a lot of fun for all of us. Our group managed to communicate instructions for the dancing really well so everyone managed to keep in time and pick up the dances so quickly.

Unfortunately one of us had a minor incident regarding uneven paving stones and ankles, so we are currently sitting in one group’s flat watching Live It or Lose It Vancouver on TV while we wait for a pair of crutches. 🙂

I hope these pictures do justice to some of the amazing views and fun that we had today!





Categories: British Columbia, Canada, The Widening Horizons Programme

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