Sunday!! It’s HOT

Good Morning!!

We have arrived in Canada- 24 hours and 3 flights later. At Kelowna we had a slight disaster- two cases had went missing somewhere between Vancouver and Kelowna. The girls whose cases had been lost had to stay behind at the airport and talk to Air Canada about where the cases were. Unfortunately the airline said the cases were still at Vancouver Airport and they wouldn’t reach us until the morning (I am currently sitting beside the two girls and neither look impressed that they have had to wear the same clothes for over 24 hours). When at the airport, we met Dana from UBC. She had organised a taxi back to the accomifstion for us. I honestly believe that this is THE best university accomifstion in the world- the rooms are huge, the kitchen is huge and we even have a balcony. We split into our rooms and were given our keys. Inside the suites there were biscuits and crisps waiting for us, but we were all too tired to eat. I am sharing a suite with Esme, Katherine and Kirsten. We read through our itineries and realised that we should probably get to sleep, since we had an 8am start. We all had a quick shower and them jumped into bed. Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of wifi at UBC so we are having to go without Facebook.

The flights and the sheer length of the journey was really difficult. I am a very bad traveler, and usually can’t go the length of myself with out feeling travel sick. However, the company I had on the flights was amazing and I didn’t even feel sick once. This is a huge achievement for me, and it’s definitely proven that I can achieve anything that i want to. During the flights we had time to reflect on what we wanted to gain from this trip, and for me I have decided that I want to become a more confident person. Even the journey has given me the confidence boost I wanted- never did I think that I would be able to travel so far without being ill!

Can’t wait for the rest of this fantastic journey!

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