The Journey

Hello everyone 🙂 I write from sunny Canada! Due to wifi confusions this post is only just arriving to you our friends, family and uni peoples.

My my job is to say hello and tell you all about our journey and preparation for such a huge trip.

Firstly money! Canada has plastic see through notes! Which smell faintly of maple syrup according to the woman at m and s Bureau de Change. I shall attach a picture.

Before our departure we had to plan a Scottish event for our fellow Canadian students. We chose to have a ceilidh/Britpop disco and a game of rounders with Scottish tasting menu. So lots of stuff to coordinate! Including buying a ceilidh cd and packing large amounts of shortbread into my already heavy suitcase! (Picture to follow)

We were also warned of very warm weather so had to fish out cool clothes from the depths of the usual Scottish jumpers and mackintoshes!

Finally possibly we were ready to leave bleary eyed from Edinburgh International Airport. We smoothly checked in and went through to the all important Duty Free where Emily bought Malibu scented perfume and I got some sunglasses since I had forgotten to pack them it seems that my aim of developing my organisational skills on this trip was off to a bad start.

Flight to London was fine although we were all in seep rate seats so didn’t get any bonding time – there was plenty of that later on the 9 hour flight to Vancouver though! We arrived in a scarily busy terminal five and looked in envy at tiffany diamonds and all the designer bags!

Eventually we were in board our slightly delayed flight to Vancouver this time all together apart from poor Katherine who was all alone on the other side of the plane . We had televisions and I watched three full films and an episode of Vera. But had no sleep.

Vancuver was both horrible and wonderful by this point we had been awake for 20 something hours so we were grumpy and sleepy and in need of fresh air! But we were also in Canada finally and there were maple syrup doughnuts and friendly people and lovely sunshine!  There were also jelly fish and waterfalls in the airport and snowcapped mountains in the distance. ITS SO CANADA!  We had one more flight before the campus of UBC this was definitely my favourite flight. On a tiny little plane with propellers fluting through clear sky’s over lakes mountains and pine forests I felt like David Attenborough on a documentary shoot. It’s was amazing, I was soooooo exhausted but we had arrived! I had collaborated to organise the ceilidh packing and were trying to respond to our amazing new surroundings! My organisational skills were still suffering however as I des covered in Vancouver that I had lost/misplaced/had stolen all of my Canadian money.  BUT IT’S SUNNY! And we need to sleep off our jetlag. Total of 23 hours travelling so good night! Becca will update you next! Photographs coming up in a sec.

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