Waking up in Okanagan


After a full day travelling, our first day in Canada may not have been the most fresh but it definitely brought us a little culture shock, summer weather and a trip downtown. Of course it all started with the essential start to any morning; breakfast.

So, breakfast isn’t usually the most daunting experience to have. This day was a little different. I know that sounds crazy but the shock when the nice man behind the counter asked how we would like our fried eggs the majority of us wanted to say “Fried, please”. Then when he listed bout 10 ways to have them, it was clear we were in Canada, a place where choices leave you flustered. At least it tasted good.

The University of British Columbia has a true community feel and that is easy to see. After a campus tour in the sunshine, a class in American Studies…

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Categories: British Columbia, Canada, The Widening Horizons Programme

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