Buscando piso…

I’ve been in Spain 2 months now and still don’t have a blog entry to prove it. I think we have some catching up to do here… I have to be honest with you; the only reason I have actually got round to writing this is because my cheap internet has broken (yet again) and with all my flatmates either out or asleep I’m lost for things to do in the flat. So I guess I should start from the beginning…

I got to Spain in mid-February – foolishly expecting that beautiful, sunny Andalusian summer everyone had promised me to be in full-swing already. I flew into Madrid and a day later it was snowing. I was hoping for better things when I got the bus down to Granada. After all, someone once told me that Andalucia gets at least 300 days of sunshine per year. Well I can tell you that by the end of my first month Granada had pretty much used up its rain quota for the year. So it should be clear skies from here on out. Fingers crossed anyway.

So I arrived with no accommodation sorted (and, to be honest, no real idea of where I was going to start looking). Thank God I already knew Vanessa who had been here since September and offered to put me up for a couple of nights while I flat hunted. We spent whole afternoons collecting phone numbers from posters on the streets and calling every one of them but a couple of nights quickly turned into two weeks. I went to viewing after viewing after viewing. Before I came I had heard that there were hundreds of student flats in Granada – and it’s true. The problem is that they are all either far too expensive… or far too cheap. A lot of the flats had no windows in the bedrooms or living rooms. Others had been let long before I went to view them (so why they were continuing to show people around is beyond me) and I came out of one flat bleeding  after the owner’s cat got a bit too playful with my arm..

After losing three perfect flats to people that got in there quicker than me I finally settled on a place on the edge of the city with a huge outdoor terrace and the most incredible view of the Sierra Nevada. It took me a long time to settle here (I actually moved out after 1 night and signed a new contract somewhere else, then changed my mind, annulled the new contract, and moved back in here) but it’s finally starting to feel like my own. I’m just glad I have Maya on the flat-hunt back in Edinburgh. I don’t want to be doing all that again for a long, long time…

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  1. Nor will you need to – “for a long, long time…” 🙂

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