Modelmaking in the Digital Age – Atelier La Juntana 2019

Modelmaking in the Digital Age is a week-long workshop with Atelier La Juntana in Liencres, Spain. I participated in the workshop from the beginning of September alongside students, professionals and designers from across the globe and learned various skills such as wood carving, ceramics, casting with resin and aluminium, embossing, etching, screen and press printing. Shown below are photographs demonstrating some of the exercises which took place during the course of the workshop.

The first day of the workshop began with an ‘international shared lunch’ where everyone prepared and brought along treats from their home countries!
Carving wooden towers to create a silicone mould which would later be used to cast copies of the tower in other materials
Armor demonstrating how to prepare our carved towers for pouring the silicone
A collection of towers cast in epoxy resin
Hard at work outside the workshop! Others who took part came from countries such as the UK, Brazil, Spain, Romania, Greece, France, Mexico and Germany.
Etching city plans onto zinc plates before using these to create prints
A mirrored etching of 1860 Edinburgh
Hanging up to dry – the plates were cleaned and used to produce these black ink prints of the various cities we selected at the beginning of the exercise.
Another exercise from the course of the workshop – making ceramic tiles! Shown here is a collection of everyone’s designs fresh out of the kiln after glazing a few. There are also a few aluminium copies as a result of the aluminium casting exercise which followed.
Playa de Canallave – a short walk to the coast from the workshop building

The workshop with Atelier La Juntana provided me with an unforgettable international experience and allowed me the chance to make friendships with a friendly and diverse mix of people. I was also given the opportunity to build upon existing modelmaking skills before returning to Edinburgh to start my fourth year of the MA Architecture programme. Developing these skills while also learning new techniques will be beneficial to my practical coursework and I’m looking forward to seeing how I can apply what I’ve learned.


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