Survival of the Dumbest and Roasting

Well last time dear blog readers I left you on a cliff-hanger on the edge of your seats, so the question taking up everyone’s mind is  . . .     . . . . did the Edinburgh exchange student survive?  . . .

Well detected Sherlock, the evidence of her typing a new blog entry does suggest she did truly survive.

So yes, I did, the day of the presentation loomed over me but I conquered the fear. I had to lead the seminar on my argument about the Middle English text and then lead and answer discussion questions upon my research. I think I managed to bluff my way through as though I knew what I was talking about. Questions from other students were surprisingly limited – maybe they didn’t understand my accent! And the professor even said my argument was very original – I took that to be a complement!

Needless to say I was as red as a beetroot during the seminar and for a good half an hour after but hopefully I could pass the redness off as due to the ROASTING temperatures we are having! The temperature the last few days has reached 22 degrees with brilliant sunshine, blue skies and no blustery wind. It feels like I am on summer holiday. Everyone is out in their shorts, t. shirts and sandals with students sitting on their porches/ verandas, barbecuing, playing street basketball and hockey and strumming their banjos and singing ( yes, you did read that right).

One of the best things about Kingston is its situation on the edge of Lake Ontario. The pathways alongside the lake are fantastic for cycling, running, walking, skateboarding, shimmying – you get the idea. So, the past few mornings I have braved the outdoors and scared the locals by wearing my running shorts and flashing my legs. Running by the lake in the morning is just so peaceful and reinvigorating and it seems as though everyone in Kingston is a runner or jogger. They are all so sporty it is mad but makes you want to join in.

This long weekend has been spent working on essays, running outdoors and enjoying the weather by taking walks into downtown Kingston. Today the Farmers’ market was on in the market square by the town hall and it was absolutely packed with people and stalls. Food stalls of meat, bison, leather goods, crafts, flowers, and fruit and veg stalls all crammed into the square. It felt like a completely different place and had a great holiday atmosphere.

So, the weather is forecast to last until Monday, fingers crossed it will last longer but when the weather is this good it’s so easy to forget that you are at uni and not on holiday. This week is the last week of taught classes – eeky! Plans for next weekend include renting a bike and taking the ferry to Wolfe Island and cycling round the island to find the beach and spend a lazy afternoon there, I can’t wait, seems a good way to end second semester.

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