“I see,” said the blind man

We’re all guilty of it. I know I am. Living in a place and utterly ignoring all the tourist attractions or cultural experiences on your doorstep. It took me over a year and a half after moving to Edinburgh to haul myself up Arthur’s Seat and, let’s be honest, it’s not exactly a hidden gem you stumble upon by chance!

Lund has the largest Gothic Cathedral in Northern Europe, it’s across the road from the law school yet it took me until February when I had friends out to visit to actually set foot in the place. There’s a reconstructed Viking village in museum grounds in the middle of the university campus – though to be fair everything in Lund is pretty much in the middle of the campus – which I have yet to grace with my presence. I had planned to do so today, honestly, but then it rained. I don’t want my perfectly constructed bed look hair to be ruined. Maybe tomorrow, as the Stereophonics would say.

Except tomorrow I am going to once again visit the sauna by the sea. It’s a sauna and it’s like, beside the sea. Crazy huh? But really it’s pretty cool. A 200m board walk out to sea and there is the sauna, the plunge pool is the sea itself but despite being so far out you can still easily stand in the water. Went once before when the sea was still half frozen and it was great then, imagine the fun when I won’t be verging on hypothermic after dipping my big toe in the water for half a second! And since I am now a seasoned visitor I am aware that they encourage you to bring your own alcoholic beverages to pass the time.

Point being that I have jaunted off to Krakow, Talin, Copenhagen, Stockholm and London at various points during this exchange but perhaps some of the most memorable sights will be the ones which are only a bus ride away.

Don’t get me wrong, the chance to travel during term is something that will probably never become available to me again and I am glad that I have now seen the places I have visited and recommend anyone on an exchange to do likewise at least a couple of times. But while the Australians regularly plan weeks plane hopping across Europe’s most beautiful – *cough* expensive – cities I think that I’m going to leave with happier memories and a bank balance that still enables me to afford that crazy little thing called food if I embrace what is right in front of me.

The snow has finally melted and rumour has it summer is on the way so I productively neglected my reading materials to compile a list of places to see and things to do within the Skane region – that’s where Lund is in case you were wondering where I pulled the word from! Canoeing, bouldering, exploring Sweden’s largest cave system, massive nature reserves and the Ales Stones – a Stone Henge esque set of rocks on the shape of a ship. I love to travel but for now it’ll be by local bus, so long as it stops raining…

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