SpaceX Hyperloop Competition

Thanks to the Go Abroad fund I was able to travel to Los Angeles with The University of Edinburgh Hyperloop Team, HYPED, and compete in the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition 2018. The goal was to build a hyperloop pod and send it down a mile-long tube in near vacuum. The fastest pod would win!

Thousands of people entered the competition, out of that 18 were chosen to go to LA to compete and we placed 6th over all. Aside from the competition, the people we got to meet were amazing, they shared similar values and without the PGAF I would have never got to meet them.

We also had a tour of SpaceX’s headquarters where we got to see how they manufactured a rocket and were taught about the controls system inside a rocket. This was my favourite part of the trip! The experience is definitely one I am going to remember for the rest of my life! I am very grateful for the Go Abroad fund for making it possible.

Categories: Go Abroad Fund, North America, USA

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