Mathematics Camp Counseling

Over the summer, thanks to the Go Abroad Fund, I was able to go to Weber State University in Ogden, Utah and work as a counselor at Epsilon Camp. This is a mathematics camp for seven to eleven year old kids who are good at and enthusiastic about the subject. I wanted to have this opportunity because, as a math major, I think it is very important to promote mathematics in a fun and interactive environment, especially to children. In addition, since I have been considering education as a career path, this work allowed me to improve on the skills needed to be a good teacher.

Before going, I was mainly apprehensive about adapting to the new environment. I was also worried that I would not have everything I needed. However, as soon as I arrived at the university and met the camp director I felt comfortable being there. Meeting the other counselors afterwards was great as well since we had a lot in common. They were also a big help in settling in as we got to explore and get to know the area together.

My experience at Epsilon has given me valuable skills that I will use in the future. Having to work closely with the other counselors has improved my teamwork and communication skills. Preparing classroom activities every day has bettered my planning and organizational abilities. I have also furthered my understanding of working with children as I learned new strategies for explaining mathematics and for behavioral management. Finally, going to an unknown area with a different culture has made me a more flexible and adaptable person. All in all, I am glad I got to take this opportunity and I cannot wait to have similar ones in the future.



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