More experiences in Kyoto

Living in Kyoto is a kind of experiencing new things, different culture and meeting with new people every day. It’s been wonderful being in Kyoto. In my week two, I have been enjoying my Japanese language and culture studies in Ritsumeikan University. This course really is an intensive where I have to study every morning, five days a week and most afternoon is occupied with different activities. Although the course is intensive, I have been enjoying studying it because I have very supportive teachers whom I can ask questions and nice friends whom I can practice my spoken Japanese language. I also had to take a test in my university and it was great. One of my favourite places in this University is the Library where I can study peacefully.

I had been to some interesting and beautiful places some of which are also known as world heritage site such as Ryoan – ji Temple, Toji- temple, Kiyomizu – dera Temple, Nijo jo castle and Tōdai-ji buddha temple which is also known as the world’s largest bronze statue of the Buddha in Nara. There were so many sika dears roaming around freely in the Nara’s park. I had chances to feed them and they were so adorable. I have seen the scenic view,the architecture and the history of temples. It was such a wonderful memory to visit to those places.

I took part in some activities such as Furoshiki wrapping workshop, Kiyomizu Yaki pottery workshop. I had learned new skills of how to wrap presents with beautiful clothes in Japanese way which I have never known before. I also had really amazing experience in Geon Matsuri festival which is one of the most famous festivals in Japan.The streets are lined with night stalls selling so many different kind of foods. I wore Japanese traditional summer Yukata and looked around the festival. It was one of the unforgettable experience ever. I am so glad to learn new skills and Japanese culture.

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