Peak Tram and Sam’s

So now that I have settled in my new dorms I explored the Hong Kong university more and did some research for my dissertation. The library here is top notch and strangely similar to Edinburgh… I definitely think that an eastern twist on my subject would differently add something. During my course I have to get used to the forms of assessment used in language courses which differ vastly from what I am used to. It is amazing how complicated even simplified Chinese characters are from a western perspective. It is a strange feeling knowing I have a test tomorrow when it is summer! The course itself has been really intensive which means that I am having to spend a lot of time preparing for each day. A 2 hour seminar is no way as nearly as intense as my 3 hour grilling on mandarin each day!

I went to the Mongkok night market which is like a normal market but at night. I had a good rummage round and got myself a waving cat. My diet is a strange mix of cuisines consisting of Chinese, sushi and subway sandwiches. Hong Kong caters to a wide range, I tried Korean food this week for the first time ever.

I also took some time this week to the history museum within Kowloon – a separate district and different island. This was interesting to bring myself up to date with the special administrative region status. I also visited SAMs tailors one of the more recognised of the the hundreds of different tailors within Hong Kong traditionally due to the manufacturing base within Hong Kong. It is strange to think how much manufacturing has diminished within Hong Kong. At the weekend I went on the Peak Tram which is an extremely steep tram up to the highest point in Hong Kong which provide amazing views across the Hong Kong skyline.

Photos to follow.

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