Spring is finally here, we celebrated its arrival by promptly heading to Henley beach. We had a great day throwing a ball around and splashing about in the water. Well at east most of us did; my friend Iz decided that the best way for her to enjoy the beach would be to sit in a black dress and tights and do some tutorial reading…


The weather improving has really shown me how good Adelaide can be and I finally feel like I am in Australia. However there is one major disadvantage to the increase in temperature – the increase in insects. A couple weeks back I got a bite, it didn’t seem too serious at the time but after a few days my foot started swelling and the bite was not looking good – I rushed off to the doctor who informed me I had a toxic spider bite and I was put on antibiotics. Scary stuff. But just to warn all of you out there who never really believed in dangerous spiders, they are not a myth; in fact they are pretty nasty.

After a few weeks of partying and generally rushing around it is nice to finally be a bit more settled and I am beginning to take in some more cultural aspects of Adelaide. For those who don’t know, Adelaide city centre is very small – like one square mile small – which makes it easy to get around but can also become a little suffocating. As a result my sense of adventure is kicking in and my friends and I are now making all sorts of plans for weekends, mid-semester break and the summer holiday! I will soon be heading off on a road trip to Melbourne and Sydney. I can’t wait. We have hired mini campers and will be setting off in just two weeks. So long as I don’t have to camp on the ground where I am in reach of spiders and god knows what else, I’ll be happy!

While I say I can’t wait for mid-semester to come, I sort of dread it as well – how can I be half way through by first semester abroad already? I have met some incredible people over the past few weeks and it will be sad to see them leave in just a matter of weeks. But let’s not dwell on that and for now just look forward to all the exciting times ahead.

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