Australia 2019

This summer I headed to Australia in order to complete an Internship with a social news radio company. However, whilst in Australia I did much more. I started by flying to Melbourne and then completing a road trip up the East Coast to my final internship destination: Brisbane. After the end of the work programme I continued North up to the Whitsundays Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. It was an adventure from start to finish.

Before leaving the UK, I was worried about securing accommodation and making friends whilst away. Though once I arrived these worries stopped, as I discovered organising these things whilst in the country is much easier. Also, in Australia hostels are the way to go to meet other travellers in the same situation as you.

Whilst living in a different country and travelling, I learnt the importance of being organised but then relaxing and seeing where the day takes you. I found that just saying ‘yes’ to trips that I would not otherwise have gone on allowed me to discover much more of Australia.

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