Packing Panic and Reisefieber

It would seem that after moving 8 times over 4 years, I would have learned how to pack fast and efficiently. Packing for the big move across the Atlantic to the University of Connecticut has taken two weeks (mainly because of my laziness) and an all-nighter. I had to pack up all my life yet again and take with me or leave in storage. I didn’t think it would be that hard, but it is surprising how many things you accumulate over time. In the end, after a fortnight of big decisions, like ”which top to take”, I have left Edinburgh with one suitcase and a backpack.

The travel itself took a few days, including a short visit in London and New York. I was handling it all fairly good, even the jet lag wasn’t a problem, but my suitcase didn’t stand the pressure. It has lost a wheel somewhere on the London Underground, so dragging it around New York was a bit of a hassle. When I have finally arrived, I have discovered that it was pretty much scraped through. One day more and I would have to collect everything from the streets.

So unpacking the little things I have brought with me wasn’t a problem. Couple of days later the freshmen moved in. And OH BOY! They do have a lot of things. They bring literally everything. Many people brought mini-fridges and TVs… Everything. My roommate brought her family too: they were all unpacking her millions of things. There was no space for me in the room, so I just disappeared for the day. We have reorganised everything since, but that looked very scary in the beginning. But anyway out of all the weird things that the freshmen have brought with them, the exchange students have voted for the most interesting one. And the winner is: a Hot Wheels set. Welcome to an American College!

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