Day 5

Today was a nice and chilled out day. We started off with breakfast at a new place – Bodo’s Bagels which was surprisingly better than Little Johns – probably not that surprising considering the UVa pals seemed shocked we were going to Little Johns for breakfast!!

After that, we went to the University of Virginia Art Museum. It was filled with paintings and sculptures by a range of artists from those whom I have never heard of to the likes of Picasso and Van Gogh! To be honest, it wasn’t my kind of thing but seeing Ruairidh’s face light up when he realised the tour guide was an architect made the whole tour!
After this we headed down beside the tennis courts to chill on the lawn with one of our UVa pals, Ashley – which is a very good name may I add. We lay on the grass and I once again started to revise, which was another unsuccessful attempt, while most of the group played frisbee and Alison got sunburnt writing her postcards.
The highlight of the day was heading back downtown to a historic tour of the area. Here we visited churches, statues and a court. It is unbelievable just how much history there is in such a little place!
Downtown was also the place we got to try our first American fast food burger, at Five Guys. Unwrapping the burger we all got excited, and it definitely was better than your stereotypical fast food burger.
At night when lying in bed a few were awoken by our first American thunderstorm.. Lets just say im glad we were all tucked up cosy in bed!

Anyways, we are having a ball and definitely not missing the Scottish weather!!
Thank you for reading.


Ashley x


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