University of Virginia Honor System

Tuesday was a good day. Firstly we had a seminar about the UVa honour system. Every student at UVa has to pledge to the honour system and if you are found to have broke it, you are expelled from the University. There are three ways in which you can break it. Which are Lying, Cheating and Stealing. There is a process for it which ends up with a jury deciding if the person is guilty or not.
We then met with a couple of the UVa pals, had some nice chats and then had lunch.
After lunch was the Higher Education Panel where the president of UVa was a panelist. That was quite interesting (because there was free food) as I came to realize that Higher education in the US has its problems.
We then had dinner and a seminar about stereotypes. Which was in hindsight really good! I was the only one of the group who wadn’t classed as American as we walked in. The speaker talked about different stereotypes and how not many people are those stereotypes.

– Harry Gaughan

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