‘Everything is going to be a great success.’ This is what my boss kept saying at the first gasque of the spring semester in Kalmar. I think he said it at least 6 times in the night, and it truly was. I had just finished the exam preceded by the most extreme study session I have had in a long time. I didn’t think I would be able to make it: there was a vast amout of pathways to remember and proteins to memorize. But it was a great success: both the exam and the gasque, as well as the wine in the sexa afterwards.

I was really nice, especially as exam periods turn me in a complete hermit. After finishing with this part of my life I could open my eyes and wonder how I could ever find the ridiculous show ‘The Legend of the Seeker’ amusing. Yet I did watch an episode once every two or three hours to let the molecular biology information set in my mind.

This has not been the only success in my week: I have finally made it to the tax office! That’s right: of all the people that had worked last semester, I am surely the laziest when it comes to the administrative details of getting registered so that they can pay me. How surprised I was when the inspiration hit me. I was having breakfast thinking that I finish at noon and that I can do something productive in the afternoon: maybe look at where the tax office is. Online that is. And I realised that if I wanted, today could be the day when I get this done. And I did.

However, that does not take care of the numerous other chores I have to do on a regular basis. Like grocery shopping and cooking (althogh I have been enjoying my new ability to cook gretin and make bread that’s big enough for a double sandwich: cut it in two places -> insert tomatoes and cheese -> yum). How I have wished to be able to wash my clothes many many times in a single day and not have to worry about it for the rest of the year. I guess the world is not that convenient.

I have rediscovered my audiobook passion: listening not only while walking, but also at home. If you stay in your chair just listening without doing anything else, you feel quite awkward and silly, but I have found a way: I am listening while playing a game: Chicken Invaders, in which I am a spaceship that avoids getting hit and shoots at violent chickens. The amount of concentration it requires is barely any and once I’ve turned off the sound, it’s the perfect background for listening to battles in other worlds (I’m currently on a fantasy book).

I really enjoy my course ‘From Brain to Mind.’ We have to write questions and answers (rather like a short essay) every week based on the lecture we’ve had, but I am selecting topics related quite loosely. It gives me the occasion to do a mini-research on all the different things that have interested me such as autism, the blue brain project, and desire.

I’m off to a lecture now, and then I’m planning on table tennis in the Kantorsgatan room of requirement. I have a lab report to start, but hey: it can wait until tomorrow. Everything can wait 🙂


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