A Valentine’s Message

Something that gives me hope in the world is the sheer volume of people who are currently in a long distance relationship.  I think there’s something wonderful about the idea that so many people are willing to make a relationship work despite the obvious difficulties of being so far apart. I’m not going to write about all the issues that come with a long-distance relationship; I think many of them are obvious and some are individual to the relationship. Instead, I’ll share my thoughts on a few of the positive aspects.

I suppose I should divulge that today I received a lovely bunch of roses from my beloved, which could render this blog more sickly sweet than it ought to be. But there is something wonderful about having flowers delivered to you, especially in a foreign country. I’m not entirely sure of the wizardry it involves on my boyfriend’s part and I don’t want to know. The romance of the unexpected delivery brightens your day and is something you probably wouldn’t get if you lived within walking distance of one another.

When it is the most practical option to meet in Paris, in February, a girl can’t complain. It’s not my fault that it is the obvious meeting place when I live in Strasbourg and he lives in Edinburgh. The year abroad makes romantic trips away a necessity. I suppose you could argue that takes away the romance, but I would argue it just makes me feel lucky to be in such a position! I get to see my boyfriend and one of the most amazing cities in the world. It’s a hard life.

Someone I know pointed out the fact that you have an unbeatable support system in your partner. Of course it’s not ideal that they are so far away, but Skype and BBM mean it is still relatively easy to be soothed in any moments of crisis. It is tough moving abroad and negotiating a new life in a new language. Having someone who is always there to listen to your rants about French administration stops you having those rants to anyone in French administration!

The year abroad is one of those crazy things you do that you can’t quite believe you’re doing. A long-distance relationship is much the same; wonderful, frustrating and ultimately worth it. The idea of going for it seems mad, but it is possible no matter what situation you are in. If someone told me I would manage to hold down a relationship that spans from Scotland to France I wouldn’t have believed them. It has certainly changed my experience of the year abroad; there have been moments when it has undoubtedly made it harder. But honestly, it’s something I wouldn’t change for the world.


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  1. Mine is currently spanning Scotland to Russia! But likewise, wouldn’t change it for the world 🙂

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