And now, the end is near, and so I face the final curtain…

Well, the news is dwindling as term comes to an end. With only three weeks to go, lecturers are beginning their last topics, seminars are more relaxed and the library is emptier. Everything feels much calmer, which is a nice end to the term. And, finally, the Christmas lights are up!

On the downside, the weather is getting a whole lot colder. It’s still just about warm enough to sit in the sun without a coat on, but in the shade it’s absolutely freezing. Considering my walk to uni is shaded, and my room faces north, lacks central heating and is made of marble, I spend my life perpetually shivering and piling on layers of socks and jumpers. I had a wee excursion to Lidl last week, and got myself this rather gross-smelling (but functional) hot water bottle, which is in constant use! I’ve also bust out the fleece lined socks I got as a freebie this summer, which are WONDERFUL, my toes have never been happier ❤ Other than that, my main solution is to wrap myself in blankets all day, and drink gallons worth of tea. I’ve also accumulated a large stash of chocolatey goodies, which probably do absolutely nothing to keep me warm, but feel helpful nonetheless.

All my courses are assessed by 100% exam, so apart from a group piece of work to do over the next week or so for Translation, I have no pressing deadlines. This means I feel absolutely no guilt about watching hours worth of Eastenders, Frozen Planet and Lost Season 1, as long as I read a page or so of a book every once in a while. I have a feeling I’ll need to step up my game as exams get nearer, but for now I’m quite content to round off this busy, hectic and badly organised semester with a massive dose of vegging out.


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