It is quite windy in Sweden. When it’s around 3 degrees, windy weather does not feel nice and a trip to uni on the bike is a bad idea. Especially if you’re late and trying to make up for it.

So now I’m sick. I think I’ll let the bike rest for the winter and pick it back up in dreamy March. All the gloves and hats in the world can do nothing about me absolutely freezing while cycling for half an hour in 3 degrees. Besides, soon it’s going to get icy and it’s probably not a good idea to try cycling in a town covered with snow. Many fine bikers have failed, and I’ve fallen at least 4 times already without any adverse conditions. No, I think I’ll walk. It doesn’t feel as cold when I walk fast snuggling in my scarf.

It’s hard to imagine what it was like last year. A friend of mine (this is his second year here) told me the last 1st of December it was minus twenty! Now, I checked it, and no worries, he was exaggerating. It was -10 on avarage, but it could well have hit minus 25 at some point in December.

For me that doesn’t even mean anything. I mean, for me it’s:
25: nice
12: chilly
7: cold
0: freezing (literally)
can you feel the difference if you go farther? Or do you just stop caring. ‘How cold is it,’ ‘-35,’ ‘Oh, thank God; I thought it was -40.’

I guess I’ll get to know it. First hand experience. Everyone says it’s going to be a mild winter for Swedish standards but few doubt it getting down to -15.

It was snowing on Sunday. Perfect timing, it was the Swedish celebration of the 4th Sunday before Christmas. And then it melted and now it’s gone. I’m fine with that. I like snow every now and again, but it’s too early for me. I think winter officially starts on the 22nd of December. I’d like to keep it that way.

It’s not too bad, though. This morning the sunrise (at 8:15) was so beautiful me and a friend of mine (lives in the same campus) went out to watch the trees and take pictures. I was in my morning gown: the classiest lunatic at dawn. The sky was filled with all kinds of shades of pink and orange, that the camera just could not perceive. We came back in once we realised we can see our breaths.

I’m sorry to bore you off with cheap weather talk, but there isn’t much going on. I had my last Swedish class today; exam’s tomorrow. I’m not too worried, but I don’t feel too proud of my achievements in Swedish. I gave up somewhere on the way.

I was craving fruit so much that I went to Lidl today and ignored the prices. I left with 20 quid’s worth of oranges, bananas, apples, kiwis, tomatoes, and cucumbers. I dropped and had to pick up some things on the way, but it was worth it. It’s weird how prices can change things. Chocolate has lost it’s charm. Nutella can stay on the shelf today: as long as I have an orange, I’m the happiest kid in Sweden.

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