Getting back to life

Yesterday was the first sunny day in ages. You could see the change in people. Everyone started resembling a person, leaving his or her coffee-devouring grumpy zombi shell. Some people missed the Swedish class: they said they wanted to enjoy the last rays and just walk around. People started smiling. I think I truly felt the meaning of the Beatles song ‘Here comes the sun.’

Last night the sunset was beautiful. The sky was orange to the West, pink and purple to the East. There was a red tree where I was standing,  and you could see the moon peering between its branches. I really wished I had my camera then. I have started carrying it with me just in case.

This waking up moment got me started in my course: I’m finally beginning to talk to my new classmates. I think it took so long, because lectures start at 8 in the morning, and everything before noon is such a daze. Here’s tip if you come to Sweden: get a thermos flask and bring coffee or tea for the lectures. I really want to get one, but at Clas Ohlson (the everything shop) they’re just metal containers which wouldn’t keep anything warm. Another trip to IKEA is on its way…

I was working at Kalmar on Friday and it was quite boring. I kept wondering why I’m wasting my time like this. When I left on that evening I was certain I was done with the nation stuff, except for the Saturday ostkaka gasque: a formal dinner in which all the dishes are cheesecakes, which is bound to be fun. They called me on Monday, though. Said they were understaffed and they needed help. I was carrying my groceries with a plan to meet a friend of mine for coffee, cook dinner, read my instructions for a computer lab the next morning, go through a paper I generally needed to read, and go to bed early since I had to get up at 6 on the next day. What do you think my wise reply was? ‘Sure, I’ll be there in a bit.’

I’m glad I did, though. I switched with someone else at 10, so I went to bed relatively early anyway. I read my instructions while guarding the door. And it was oodles of fun. Today I took part in the cleaning day: you have lunch, you help clean for 3 hours, and then you get a fancy dinner in the evening. Which wouldn’t sound too appealing, were it not for the people. I keep meeting new ones all the time. I find myself properly addicted to Kalmar now. I’ve tried to quit, but it’s beyond me.

The Swedish essay I need to write (half a page, but needs to be done) is due the day after tomorrow. I was planning on doing it now, before the dinner. That’s why I started writing this blog. I guess procrastination is king, wherever you are.

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