Travel Photos -Part I

So, while I was travelling I didn’t actually upload any photos. So I thought it might be nice to put a few faves up for you all to have a peek at….

The amazing Great Barrier Reef

Our new home!

The Boulders, very pretty but the water was so chillie!

Hanging high above the rainforest when we went Jungle Surfing.

A funny little roadside banana stall with what I think must have been the nicest, freshest banana I have ever tasted!

Ryan on the beach, somewhere in North Queensland…

Eaten alive at reef HQ

Emus -right on the side of the road, not a care in the world.

Capricorn Caverns

It’s hard to see but this is actually the platypus we saw in Eungella National Park! He is there, promise.

This cutie of a turtle is laying her eggs on Mon Repos Beach. See here.

Feeding a real, live, wild dolphin in Tin Can Bay

Me and Ryan in Noosa on our koala hunt

The beautiful Noosa

A real life Kanga and Roo at Australia Zoo

Well, that’s part I of our trip Cairns to Cape Tribulation. I will upload part II soon(ish) xxxx

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