the end of exams…. finally!

yeeeeey today we finished our last set of exams at NUS, I’m so happy/relieved/stress free now 🙂  I love this feeling at the end of each academic year.  obviously there is the same hype at the end of the first semester when the exams finish, but it’s no where near as fun as the end of the second semester, since summer has now officially begun. and I just think, “look where i am”… in Singapore, bang on the equator, in 30 degrees heat, with so many exotic destinations surrounding me.  the world is my oyster now, well, for the duration of the summer.  it’s pretty surreal to be finished exams and already feel like I’m on holiday.  we’ve managed to travel a fair bit up until now, but suddenly I’m totally free with no more university obligations so I can properly go and roam the rest of asia guilt free.

I have to admit it was pretty difficult trying to concentrate through until the very very end of the exams.  especially in that last hour, when you know summer is just waiting for you, juust around the corner.   tonight is going to be a big night I believe, with all the exchange students now finished finally, we can all head out in Clarke Quay (nightlife hub) together!  but first, we’ll start off with some nice food for dinner, we’re going to go to a Hawker Centre and in typical asian fashion, we’ll all choose 1 or 2 dishes, and then put them out across the table and all share the various dishes.  This is something I love so much about asia and will definitely miss: how important meal times are!  they really make an effort to all sit down together and have lunch and dinner together.  and even nicer, they all share their food with one another.  it’s so much more interested to try various dishes rather than just eat one plate of the same thing each!  maybe i should try and suggest this to my friends back home as a new way of dining!  after dinner we’ll head to the famous Clarke Quay bridge where everyone meets before going clubbing to have some drinks.  this bridge is right over the river (the Quay) and so it is a very picturesque site!  all the bars and clubs go down the river, so the ambience never fails to get you in the going out mood!  the gathering on the bridge prior to clubbing is rammed locals, ex pats, and all the exchangers.  it’s a pretty unique situation actually – having (almost) everyone in the city who’s planning on going out that night in one central place.  such a sociable and cosmopolitan vibe, it’s just like one big outside party.  and after all, we’ll head to one of the big clubs which stay open until 5am.  the clubs here are soo fancy, the music is great, and lots of champagne given out to the girls.  wowww i love singapore!  how boring is home going to seem now after this amazing experience 😦  although prices are extremely steep – pretty much akin to London clubbing!


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