Let’s go Broncos, Let’s go!

From the weekend….

So yesterday we went to see the Brisbane Bronco’s -they play rugby league (I think that’s the right one, I get confused….the less good one in the UK anyway). It was so good, I’ve never been to a proper live game before but it was so much fun! It turns out I can be quite loud…not quite to Dad’s extent though. I don’t actually know the rules enough to have a go at the ref yet and I’m not really much of a swearer.

It was so exciting though, I even got to stand up and cheer. Unfortunately we didn’t win, which was most disappointing as it was the first game of the season we’ve lost. Apparently half the National team is made up of Bronco’s though, so all our best players had played the night before against NZ and weren’t playing. Quite a disadvantage it seems. I was happy anyway though as I’d been wanting to stand up and cheer. And there were cheerleaders and of all things a horse that galloped around the pitch every time we got a try! And fireworks! I would like to be a cheerleader.

In a couple of weeks we’re going to see the Brisbane Lions, who play aussie football. They are at the bottom of the league but hopefully it’ll be a fun game anyway. I need to figure out what aussie footie actually is first though. I know they play in an oval with about a million players but that’s about it. And that might not even be true.

In other news, I had my midsemester exam for pharmacology yesterday. I think it was okay. I’m not at all keen on Saturday exams though! I’ve got my end of semester exam timetable now. It’s not looking good though -I have exams on the last 2 days that I could possibly have them. And I’d been hoping that I might finish early. I guess at least it’s extra revision time. What’s crazy though is everyone at home has nearly finished already. I’ve just had a midsemester and they’re having finals!

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