Next exam break… to a Sushi buffet

Continuing on from my ‘asian cuisine’ blog, I’ve found a new favourite… Sushi.  From Japan, this again fits in with Singapore’s wide variety of dishes in its widely multicultural society.  Unlike the UK, where sushi is really quite a gourmet cuisine, very expensive, and quite hard to find… here in Singapore it’s everywhere and so cheap!  We really want to stock up on it while we can before going back to the UK.

For tonight’s dinner – and exam revision break – we’ve chosen Sakae Sushi.  This is just one of the several franchise chains of sushi in Singapore.  And why not go all out?  We were hungry so just chose the all-you-can-eat-buffet for about 18 dollars/9 british pounds.

Starting off with green tea, then we get the chopsticks, the wasabi, the soy sauce and the ginger.  All set to go.  It’s just as you see in the movies with the high stools and the revolving convey belt with all the sushi dishes.  What a nice feeling to just be able to grab anything off the buffet you fancy!  California rolls, seaweed covered rolls, sashima, rice with all different raw rishes on top (prawn, octopus, scallops, salmon, tuna, shrimp)… and then all sorts of starters: salads, eggs, beancurd, seaweed, noodle soup – okay some of them don’t sound exactly the most appetising of things, but somehow when all together, this cuisine just sort of works.

Anyway after what we counted 40 plates between us (there were 4 of us exchange students who took up this revision break) we were definitely beyond stuffed.   It tasted so good we were finding it hard to stop ourselves eating too much.  In fact, I ended up feeling just a bit too full and needed a good lie down… not the best way to resume exam revision….

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