Dog is dancing to Sean Paul in March

Zeta is the dog. Zeta did not like to dance. But, today, she does! I have been trying to get her to dance by holding her front legs such that she stands on her back legs like a human and then I have tried to dance with her. This has not worked in the past for very long. She ends up scrambling for freedom and trying to bite my hands. But today she did no such thing and we danced for a long time! She went in circles, and she bobbed up and down and she even swayed from side to side. All this without making any fight!

I am reading Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and it is very heavy reading. He uses stream of consciousness writing to talk about his Jesuit education and about Ireland. Being a Catholic myself this has made me think of my own life and it is tough. When he writes about sin and hell and Stephen Dedalus’s sin, I can relate to it and this is hard. When told worldly pleasures are nothing compared to heaven, how can one see the city life as normal? We are in this life but it is not real, it is manufactured and unreal. The city as hell is a theme of the novel, of modernist texts, as can be seen in The Wasteland, and so this translates, but then where does one put oneself?

I just spoke to FATHER and Grandmother on the phone and it was great; it has been a while.

I will go now to help Tania make the cous-cous. Then I will play chess with Itziar, my neighbour who lives in the squat through the wall. Then I will read a little. And later maybe we will go out to the great Razzmatazz! There is a carnival festival, which is free with a printed flyer (which I don’t have) but we will maybe go! And tomorrow morning I go again to try to make a NIE (a National Insurance number for Spain). I have to get up at 8am! I have to get there early to make sure the queue lets me in. I am kind of scared but I will try! SPEAK SOON!

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