Lo haré mañana…

La Alhambra

Yes, la vida andaluza has definitely got to me and I can see I have quite a bit of catching up to here. It’s been so long since I found the time to sit down at my laptop a type up a new post… and with a sunny balcony overlooking the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada can you really blame me?

I’m well and truly settled into the swing of things at university, and classes are finishing up in time for the Feria del Corpus next week, and exams soon after. The uni itself, I’m sorry to say, is simply not a touch on Vienna. Classes themselves are fairly laid-back and generally easy to follow, attendance is never taken (even though 40% of our final grade in each subject relies on it…), and the tutors have all been approachable and helpful. The problem is in the buildings themselves, which are even less attractive than our good old DHT, and absolutely freezing inside. That said, the main campus is set 15 or 20 minutes outside the city centre in Cartuja, not far from the baroque monastery, and with stunning views over the city and the mountains. But even that doesn’t really make up for it…

Oh well, what the Uni lacks in beauty, it makes up for in attitude. Like I said, 40% of the marks in each class come from attendance and participation, and the remaining 60% on a single exam. I’m happy to say that I haven’t a single assignment to date and with classes only two days a week (though 10 hours straight at Uni is every bit as painful as it sounds), I’ve been free to see Spain. With exams coming up, I’m confining myself to the flat for the next week or so. The plan is to get everything done before my boyfriend and parents come down to visit. When it finally comes down to it, I’ll have 3 exams and 1 essay to complete over 4 weeks. Until then I’ll be catching some rays with my books out on the balcony. And I think I think I can live with that.

Sierra Nevada from our terrace

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