Karnivalen Countdown

When I first arrived in Lund and told people I was here for the full year the majority reacted in the exact same way:

“Oh wow, you’re so lucky. You’ll get to be here for Lundakarnivalen!”

For what now? I admit that initially I did kind of brush this whole thing off as overhyped and the sort of thing that you really wouldn’t mind missing if you have a teeny tiny bit of a hangover. But then I started to find out a bit more.

It is largely a student organised affair. But in a good way. It’s held only once every four years and over the three day even the population of Lund swells from a mere 100,000 odd to approaching half a million. Half the town is shut down and student organised tents have everything from shows to games. they even have a special beer manufactured just for the occassion. t-shirts, hoodies, mugs – all sorts of the usual cliched stuff you haul back from disney.

By all accounts the Swedish bands set to grace the three stages in the town are as big as they come while the DJs at the specially organised parties have produced just about every song you are likely to hear in a student nation. Rufus Wainwright is here too…

There is a Circus, they made a film about it being shown in the town’s two cinemas, cabaret, park parties. I have honestly never seen a student population get into action and produce something to this scale in my life.

Only potential draw back being the prices. pay to get in, pay for the tents, nation entrance is by ticket only and they are around four times the price of normal club entrance. On the plus side they are all open all weekend so there should be alot to choose from and I’m sure some cheap ass students will club together to get an unofficial night out on the go (read we shall destroy some poor soul’s halls…)

people have come from overseas just to experience this and I now that the hour is near I really am getting quite excited. the fact that the sun has finally decided to grace us with his presence is further cause for celebraion. Here we go………!

Categories: Lund, Sweden

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