Where does the time go?!

In 2 weeks I will have finished classes! Yay! And can it come quick enough – ooohhh noooo! This semester has gone super quick but the next 2 weeks will be nothing short of manic working. I have 3 essays due and a presentation. So this weekend, me and one of my housemates have been holed up in the flat, snuggled under blankets, spread out on the sofas working.

I went to see one of my professors to help discuss ideas for my presentation and I spent nearly 2 hours – 2 whole hours – in her office. Did she help me with my presentation? nope. What did she do? She wanted a big long chat about Britain and British culture. So as long as I can talk about that for my Middle English presentation on the York Mystery Cycles I should be fine.

Generally though, I feel on top of work, surprising in fact, but equally a nice feeling but that may be due to studying most minutes of every waking hour. I just have to keep reminding myself I am on exchange – i.e. let go! which is fast becoming my new favourite phrase.

Easter is less than a week away and the smell of chocolate is beginning to fill the air. At Queen’s there is no long Easter break, we just have Good Friday off and then we are back to the grindstone on Easter Monday, which I find surprising considering there is a large devout Christian population  here. Beggars can’t be choosers, so I will gratefully take Friday off, which will be spent relaxing after my scary individual presentation in my Middle English seminar. Presentations are one of those events that instil fear into my little heart. If you listen I’m sure you can hear it pounding from the worry right now. arggghhhh! Basically, I have to present a thesis argument on a mediveal mystery cycle play, taking control of my seminar group, consisting of 25 people for at least 30 minutes and then I have to guide the discussion further. This lovely ordeal will then end with a quick-fire round of questions shot at me by other students in the class. Hopefully, the line, ‘I can’t understand you, I’m foreign and speak English’ will suffice, if not the old smiling and nodding technique will have to do. Throughout this no doubt I will be a beautiful shade of crimson, my face a tide of blood from neck to forehead, so I’ll look like I’m having a serious hot flush or that we are in 40+ degrees temperatures rather than -5. Ahh the joys of university life!

On a different note altogther the mercury next weekend is being forecasted to hit 23 degrees and upwards! what?! only this week we had -10 temperatures and heavy rain. The old Canadian weather is a funny beast I tell you. It flits between baking hot and freezing cold, monsoon-like rains with crisp, sunny days. You never know what to wear!

Further adding to this rambly and random post, the fantastic topic of exams, everyone’s favourite. I will have an exam for each of my courses. The courses I have taken for the full year will be examined on the full year’s worth of workm which shall be very interesting and is a little daunting in how to prepare for, but we will survive. All of my exams are at 9am in the morning, which is a great time for me, as the exams can be scheduled for as late starting at 8pm and not finishing till 11pm. I don’t have a clue how you mentally prepare yourself for that. Luckliy for me, it is predominantly the science subjects who have exams scheduled that late in the day. They obviously think they have better brains for the task.

In other news, in 6 weeks time I will land back on Scottish soil. I’m not ready tell them to take me back just yet. Tell the pilot to come pick me up later. I can’t imagine being back at home. I’m curious to see how easily I’ll reintergrate and settle back into homelife. But before all that, my family are flying out and we are going to go road tripping across the Eastern part of Canada. I can’t wait to see what they make of Canada and it’s different customs and show them the land I have known as home for the past 8 months.

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