Ricci Hall, Ricci Rich Anyone?

Being the Mathematician/Mathemagician/Mathlete/Scientist that i am, it would not be unreasonable for one to presume I choose science over religion. The two topics do have some very contradicting messages, particularly when you look at the Big Bang theory and evolution in comparison to the story the bible tells. Now I’m not going to lie to all my loving followers, (I’ve probably done that enough already), I’ve never actually read the bible. To some that may seem ridiculous, but to the vast majority this is very commonplace, is this a bad thing, and does the bible really have a place in modern society? Well that’s a discussion to be had another day. What i would say is regardless of my beliefs i would take it as a personal failure if i don’t read the bible at some point in my life. So being the non-religious law breaking (i stole some sweets from the cornershop when i was little!) all round badass that i am, Q1) why in the name of all that is holy did i choose to live in Ricci Hall, the only hall in HKU run by the Jesuit Fathers?

Well i could tell you the single reason answer in one line and finish here, but i don’t want to ruin the suspense for you guys. Ricci Hall is one of around 15 halls of residence for HKU, most of which being situated around campus, or a little bit further out down at Sassoon road. In contrast to halls of residence in the UK, students live here for their whole degree, providing they get a place that is, and hall participation is a big deal. Now i guess those of you who know about Hermits croft will know that my first hall of residence wasn’t exactly a thriving community. I knew people who never left their rooms or spent all their time outside of halls, and the idea of hall spirit was really lost on us. Ricci Hall where i live is the polar opposite, they really encourage participation, in terms of sports,cultural and social activities. I guess you could say its a bit like a fraternity of sorts. Take some of the activities for instance, at some point next week we have ladies night, and night when freshers in ricci hall are encouraged to bring girls round for a dance…. And if you think getting pelted with water bombs by a huge bunch of screaming Asian girls is my idea of heaven you should check out the Ricci Hall traditional event: “Some weird gong steal thingy”(I can’t decide who was wetter).

To further help integrate all the Riccian’s (they being us, or in laymen’s terms the members of ricci hall), the hall offers lots of common rooms and facilities. Billiard room, Restaurant, Tennis Courts, Libraries, and my personal favorite a Dark Room, are all part of the hall, and with every room having its own private balcony, in many ways Ricci hall could be compared with the a room in the Shangri-La, Hilton or Any other expensive hotel. Well lets do that comparison shall we?

Here is a nice expensive Hotel Room: (the Wynn ey Rich?)

And here’s my room in Ricci Hall:

Its a bit like comparing steak to spam, gold to tinfoil, Hemmingway to J.K.Rowling, Bjork to Kerry Katona (Don’t you dare disagree simpson).My room is old, dirty and messy, but really its just a room. Anyone who’s seen father ted will agree that living in the same place as Irish priests is never boring. Add that to the fact that Ricci is one of only two dorms in HKU with A1) Single Rooms.

Just a few more Thoughts on Ricci Hall.
I really enjoy living here for these reasons:
1)People here are really friendly, and if you make an effort, they will too.
2)Ricci Hall is really lax with rules, especially compared to other halls
3)The location is ace
4)You can have privacy in your own space, but there’s always someone around to talk to

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  1. Antoniabaka? Sounds about right Sanders, you do love your hot chinese girls. Hope all going well your side of the world. I’m living with a girl from HK this year, if only you were living with a Finn it would all be so symmetrical. Have fun with those jesuits…x

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