Zamora, Halloween and more fiestas!

It feels like I had submitted my last post yesterday, but in fact, it’s been almost two weeks that I show no signs of life. Apologies! My excuse: I was busy with partying, travelling and having fun with my visitors. I’ll try to start from the beginning.

Sasha visited me for two days. Apart from bringing up to date what’s going on in our lives we went out to the famous guiri place Irish Rover for “Italian party” and ate scrummy tapas in Taberna Angel which is a noisy student place near my faculty. We took a trip to Zamora, which is 45-minute distance by bus from Salamanca. I must say that Zamora is as beautiful as Salamanca although not so lively. It’s build from similar stone to the one in Salamanca, there are several churches, cathedral from 12th century and a castle. To add more charm to all of this, Zamora is surrounded by a city wall which reminded me a wee bit Dubrovnik, Croatia. So if you have a chance to go to Zamora, don’t hesitate. A few pics from Zamora:




Couchsurfing group in Salamanca won’t let you get bored! During last two weeks there were a few events from Couchsurfing:

1.)    A picnic in El parque de Jesuitas which was nice though it was a bit cold outside that day.

2.)    Fiesta del bigote aka Moustache party. Imagine a group of 30ish people wearing horrible, bushy, fake moustaches, especially girls with moustaches on their chin, forehead and the places you can’t even think of hanging around the city. I think Salamanca got scared of us!

3.)    Fiesta del mal gusto aka Bad taste party. More than 20 girls wearing clothes that don’t match at all, wearing disgusting make-up and a label on their chest saying “Bad taste in clothes but not in men!”. We started in the flat of one of the girls with botellon (drinking what we had bought) and later went out to frighten the guys. To make it better (or less shameful), no CS male person was allowed to join us!

Halloween! As far as I’m concerned, it was one of the best parties so far. The day before Halloween I went to chino (kind of Edinburgh Bargain store but ran by Chinese) together with two of my friends to buy a costume. I mixed together white devil’s horns, light purple wig and a dark make-up and my friend was wearing something alike but in red and black. The effect? The majority of the guys in the street and in the clubs couldn’t stop staring at us and some of them said things like “Hola, guapa”. It was such a nice feeling! That day I was travelling between two parties, one with CS people and the other my English friend’s birthday party. It was a bit awkward to appear and disappear but I couldn’t miss any of the parties!

Okay, it seems like all I do in Salamanca is partying. Ekhm… yeah, that’s actually almost true! Once in the blue moon I convince myself to skim over the lecture notes. We don’t have any assessments that would count towards the final grade as such (excluding one subject) and that’s why I have no motivation. My Spanish flatmate, that studies languages, is trying to persuade me to read a book but I can’t bother, I prefer watching films to reading. I try to get fit with belly dance classes which I really enjoy (and they take place in a gym around the corner which is great).

I’ll finish off with the weather news :). If you think Spain is sun and high temperature all over the year, you’re wrong. Just now Salamanca is like Edinburgh, windy, cold and clouded. And it also has spooky legends like the Burgh! I went to a “Spooky Tour” organized by ADEIS (the organization has been created recently by David Tormes, the guy promoting Irish Rover). However, I’ll leave mysterious stories of the city until next time ;).

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