One Country, Two Systems – Hong Kong, China

Despite being born in Korea, I spent most of my youth abroad in Kuala Lumpur where I have found myself deeply inclined towards Chinese culture as I was getting along with overseas Chinese in Malaysia. Now that my passion for working in a cross cultural context, stimulating cross-border activities between Korea and China has been reinforced, I am more excited than ever about my year abroad in Hong Kong. Many people are not aware of the fact that Hong Kong is rather distinct from Mainland China and their de facto relationship is described as “one country, two systems”. Having been a British colony, Hong Kong is a melting pot of eastern and western cultures which makes it more liberal than Mainland China; however, I myself am not fully aware of such circumstances and therefore it is my goal to identify what makes up Hong Kong’s distinctive identity. Is it the history, economy, politics, culture or even its language..? The real answer to this can only be found by having a firsthand experience of living in Hong Kong, interacting with the local community and integrating myself into the Chinese society. Thus, I look forward to meeting new local friends, spending Chinese New Year with these friends, learning Cantonese (the language being spoken in Hong Kong) and being able to communicate in Cantonese in my daily life. Not only learning about Hong Kong itself, I look forward to raising my cultural awareness of Greater China by travelling to Macau, Taiwan and other Chinese-speaking regions so that I will be able to differentiate these regions and have a better understanding of the term “one country, two systems”!

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