Never-sleeping Salamanca

Another week passed almost unnoticed. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Uni stuff seems OK. Although I realized it’s high time I started studying at least a wee bit just to be able to follow the lectures. What I do now, especially when need to understand abstract maths, is reading maths books in English. It still costs me to comprehend some notions but surely reading maths in Spanish would take even much more time.

I’m still confused when looking at Spanish keyboard. Not to mention using it. My favourite key is the second on the right of ‘P’, which consists of “ *, +, ] “. I’m not really sure how I get any of them… I would call it a trial and error method. Just click the key together with alt, ctrl of shift and wait what will occur on the screen. I struggle with the way numbers are noted down too. For example 2,9 or 2’9 means 2.9 in British system and 1.000 means one thousand not 1.

And something that has changed my life for better. I’ve got broadband in the flat finally, so don’t need to go the library with my laptop anymore.

I’m surprised but I’m not homesick. Only sometimes I get back in my thoughts to the time spent in Edinburgh, to my lovely friends and all the crazy parties. But I must admit that just now I understood what I have in the Burgh and that I should appreciate it. One day me, my friend who’s on her exchange in Barcelona and the other who’s in Edinburgh made a conference on Skype. We chatted for almost two hours, it was awesome! It seemed if they were in Salamanca with me.

The weekend was, as always, FUNtastic! It started on Thursday again. I went out about 2 a.m. to meet my friends and we went to the disco Kandhavia where we got free drinks in exchange of a handful of coupons. Maybe I should say a word about the coupons. During the night you can come across the guys working in Relaciones Públicas recommending places they’re working for and giving out the coupons for free drinks. Anyway, I got home at 7, went to sleep for an hour and later went to my two-hour morning class. I didn’t have any nap in the afternoon but I felt good. I’ll finish of with saying that on Friday night I slept 5 hours and Saturday one from 4 a.m. to 4 in the afternoon … 12! Yeah, I did need it.

And tomorrow… trip to Portugal with Erasmus students, hooray!

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