Settling in, Bourgogne University, Dijon

I have been in Dijon now for two weeks and am settling in quite well. The main difference I have found so far between Bourgogne and Edinburgh is the way in which things are organised.

Well actually it would be easier to say that things are organised in Edinburgh and here everything is just chaos.  Nothing is done online and eventhough the university has an email and internet system no information is available online at all. If you want to know something you have to actually go and physically search for it and it is hardly ever in the place where you want it to be. Because of this registering for the university and signing up for classes was very stressful and confusing. Most of my classes start this week and I don’t actually know when or where they all are yet! This is definately making me appriciate how well organised and efficiently run everything is at Edinburgh.

I have a room in halls and although the accomodation is basic it is not awfull. I was incredibaly relieved to see that there were actual proper toilets and not just the hole in the ground ones that you sometimes get in France!

There are a lot of international students here and I have met people from all over the world. For the first few days I was actually quite worried that I might get through an intire semester without meeting any French people at all but I have met some now!

Dijon is an absolutely beautiful town with lots of impressive buildings, aswell as plenty of pretty squares and parks where you can just sit and watch the world go by. Although it is not big it is a lively town and there always seems to be something going on. You can get from the campus to the town centre in about 5 minutes on the bus. The buses are pretty cheap and they run from the campus to the town centre about every 10 minutes and go on untill midnight so they are definitely the best way to get around.

The weather here has been really nice ever since I arrived. It has been much warmer than I expected it to be and I really don’t have enough summery clothes with me. I don’t actually have much of anything with me due to baggage restrictions on my flights but my parents are coming to see eme next week and bringing me some much needed essentials.

I haven’t had any mustard yet but I have had Kir, a traditional regional drink made from white wine and blackcurrent, which is very nice and which people seem to enjoy giving us for free!

That all for now as I have a politics lecture to go to. Wish me luck!

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