Malaga update

Me again, I think you’re well due an update. I found a flat, it was quite easy. When I went to an agency to find a flat, they were all terrible and really expensive so I jibbed them off, but on the way back to my hostel I saw 2 adverts for a room in a shared flat in the centre of Malaga for 250EU, bills included.

Brilliant, so I gave them a call, within an hour I’d seen them both and the one I preferred I called and confirmed immediately, paid the first month’s rent and moved in the next day, easy peasy with a lemon on top! Or something. So I live with an Italian from Sardinia and a Belgian from Liege. I did have my heart set on living with native speakers, and the other flat I went to see did have a guy from Uruguay living there, but it was considerably further from where I’ll be having to catch the bus at 8.30 every morning, the room was much smaller and there wasn’t a desk, and I was fed up of flathunting so I made an executive decision and went for it. We’re speaking Spanish in the flat anyway because my flatmates speak better Spanish than English, but it’s not the same and I know my language is suffering because of it. Hopefully when term starts properly on Monday I’ll make some more native speaker friends, but if not I’ll just have to organize a tandem exchange.

Speaking of term, picking courses has been a pain in the proverbial bum. For 3 weeks noone knew when term started, there’s a thing on the website with all the timetables on but nowhere did it say what date. So I went in to have a look around and to speak to my academic coordinator (who didn’t show up, anything else would have been logical and we couldn’t have that) and it was there on the door, this coming Monday. The 4 hour a day language course doesn’t finish til the 30th so there’s 3 days doing both, about 8 or 9 hours a day, but it’ll be fine. The rules from Edinburgh are that I have to do a course related to Spain or Spanish (so it’s not enough for the course just to be in Spanish), it has to be a course for native students, and it has to be from the 2nd year or above. In addition I’m only here until February so I can only do first semester courses, which left me with 2 literature courses from second year and a few complicated-sounding philology and linguistics courses from 3rd year. When I tried to write myself a little timetable to see what my day might look like, I noticed that lots of them clashed, so I’ve chosen one of the 2nd year lit courses, two 3rd year philology courses and now I have to choose between another 2nd year lit course or a 3rd year grammar course which actually sounds quite interesting and useful, but potentially very difficult. I have a couple of weeks to try them all out before I matriculate.

I’m almost sick of the social scene. Don’t get me wrong, I like all the Erasmus I’ve met so far, but some promotions company has got onto the fact that there’s 200 students who don’t have a clue where to go, so they’re organising “Erasmus parties” each night in various clubs, all of which are exactly the same! Think Revs on a Wednesday night but take away the cheap cocktails and have the same music, in a different bar each night. Nightmarish.

Many of these clubs have also hired some of the students for promos and they make up a list every day and try and guilt trip you into going because they work on comission. Knowing these people can have its advantages because they’ve got contacts and can usually get you free entry with a drink or something, but only if you hang around with a big group of girls. Sex equality has not reached the Costa Del Sol! I can walk through town with my flatmates and noone’ll say a thing, but if I walk through with 3 or 4 girls, everyone handing out flyers (they also specifically advertise for girls for that job) will be on us offering us free shots just to walk into the place. Entry also usually costs you more if you’re a guy, or it’ll cost the same but you don’t get the free drink all the girls do. This despite my experience that usually it’s girls who start trouble in bars. Discrimination ftw! Although I think I prefer that to being enticed in with cheaper entry only to be used as bait so some suckers will stay a bit longer just to gawk.

That sounds a lot more bitter than I’d hoped. Oh well, until next time.

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