The boring stuff about classes…

My Classes started last Monday and to be honest… I haven’t really noticed. I have no classes on a Tuesday or a Thursday, only one class on a Friday, and today it’s a public holiday so we’re all off! Isn’t this the life?

I’m sure next week, when the real work starts, I will be using this weekly spot to complain about the heavy work load and the hours and hours of classes I have squeezed in to Mondays and Wednesdays in a bid to keep the other days free.

So, although I may have spent only around 1% of my time in classes, the other 99% seems to have been spent trying to enrol in classes and cancel classes and work out what the hell is going on with classes! There has been some timetable clashing and some system crashing but I ALMOST have me final schedule sorted.

My timetable looks like this:

I have 6 regular courses, which translates into 8 classes a week. This seems to be double the average exchange student’s workload (triple in the case of my two roommates) but I am hoping this is still a manageable amount and will leave plenty of time for the infamous Erasmus parties and for the numerous euro trips e already have planned…. that is what I am choosing to believe.

In addition to these “regular classes” I will hopefully be able to register for an intensive course in either Retail Marketing or Intercultural Communication for Managers in order to push my number of credits up to the mandatory 30 (however the system is, as ever, not working at the moment.)

A further complication is Edinburgh’s requirement for Strategic Management. The University of Economics is not currently offering this course this semester and has no guarantees for offering it next semester either. The professor is considering running it as an intensive course instead however there are only 8 students interested and he needs 10 to make a class. Sorry Edinburgh! Please don’t kick me out!!

So, I feel the introductory lectures have given me a good indication of what the courses will be like. After my first lecture in “International Financial Markets” I knew it wasn’t for me and I switched this course for something more suited to my interests. As for the others, I am looking forward to the work beginning and to experiencing how students in the Czech Republic study and learn.

Being around all of the international students has also really fuelled my passion for languages. Usually this passion is outweighed by my laziness and therefore I am left me with only a mediocre knowledge of Italian. However, I intend to make the most of my Czech course and to really push myself to learn as much of the language as I can while I’m here. I also hope to continue my Italian, and hopefully some of the Italian exchange students will be kind enough to help me practice. It is such a unique opportunity for learning and improving languages that I feel it would be an affront not to take full advantage of this opportunity.


Later today I have a meeting with the 4 other exchange students for the UK as next week it is our turn to host the Nation2Nation party! This entails organising the food and drink aswell as a 30 minute presentation on the UK. However, all us typical Brits are the shy and retiring types and so the outlook is not currently looking good. It does seem unusual that they would choose the UK for this presentation what with there only being  5 of us. I would be happy to report on how our big night goes next week but, to be honest, I am sad to say that I highly doubt the UK will have its big night in Prague!

OK, so there is so much more to tell! I haven’t actually mentioned any of the fun and interesting stuff I got up to this week, but I feel I have rambled on for long enough so we shall leave this entry as a serious and studious instalment. Consider this the one and only.


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