Alicja Nocon – First impressions

Well, I’ve been in Salamanca for 4 days now. First impressions? I love it!!! Although the city is twice smaller than Edinburgh, it doesn’t lack soul. Salamanca is vibrant, green and historical so I’m not surprised to see loads of students and tourists here. Plaza Mayor (Main Square), the Cathedrals and the University buildings… spectacular!


I’m lucky not to have been bothered with finding a room (which is anyway quite easy here) and could start socialising. First time when I came to my new place, I was warmly welcomed by a Spanish girl Sandra (who was unfortunately moving out of the flat) and my flatmate Kira from Germany. The first night we went out to ‘casetas’ which is pretty much a temporary open-air market with traditional Spanish food and drinks that runs during the festival. The festival (Fiesta) in Salamanca starts actually on 7th Sep but Spanish are so impatient that they start celebrations earlier. I don’t mind, just quite the opposite – I love it!

Between partying and after seeing most important monuments I showed up at the Uni. I went to International Office and grabbed Erasmus Pack which I found pretty useful. Also I visited my Erasmus Coordinator and he said that my choice of the subjects is fine. However, when I went to Secretaría of School of Science I was told that they’re not sure if I could combine subjects from three different degrees and was referred to Administrador. And there, I was ‘officially’ informed that I couldn’t take subjects from ‘Old Maths’ and ‘New Maths’ simultaneously because of… the computer system used which wouldn’t allow such a combination. Okay, so I went home and went through Guías (Prospectus) again and luckily found a kind of equivalent subject in School of Physics. I still need to choose one more subject to get 60 ECTS credits but it can wait.

My timetable looks not too bad, with about 20 hours of classes per week. And in the 1st semester I have Friday off. What might be tough at the beginning is that my classes start at 11 and finish at… 9 p.m. at the latest. Anyway, nobody goes out partying before 11 p.m. in Spain.

The classes start next week so I’ve got much time to enjoy Salamanca. As I mentioned Fiesta begins today and lasts a week, with casetas, street theatre and concerts in Plaza Mayor. Yep, I’ll be there with my flatmate and Couchsurfers that we are hosting now.

What else? I’m working on switching my brain to Spanish and need to get more confidence using it (I mean Spanish, not a brain). I hesitate over the tenses and the moods and have quite poor vocab. But I still have lots (?) of time to change it!

P.S. Weather is awesome! It’s sunny, with 30 C degrees almost all the day. I wish it was alike in Scotland…

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