Rachel Ross – Dijon

Hi Everyone

I’m Rachel! I’m from Inverness and I study French and Italian at Edinburgh. I will be spending the first semester of third year at the University of Burgundy in Dijon and second semester in Milan. I haven’t even started thinking about Milan yet. I am just concentating on survivng France for the time being.

I have got 2 and a half weeks left at home before I go to France but the experience has already been quite stressful. The prosses of applying to the university itself was quite complicated. The application had to be completed online and the website was really confusing and disorganised. After I applied I didn’t hear anything for ages. I eventually emailed the university and they told me that my application was fine and that I had got a room in halls and that I would get a letter telling me about it in the midle of July. By the end of August I still hadn’t got the letter. I emailed the university again and they eventually sent me all the information in the form of attachments. I now have some information about my halls and the university in general but I still have no idea where to go when I arrive or where to collect my keys. I may be stressing too much about this but that’s just what I’m like. However, It does make me appreciate how easy and clear the instructions for arriving at Edinburgh were.

Another thing that is causing me stress at the moment is the idea of actually travelling to Dijon – all on my own! It is not easy to get to Dijon! I have to get a bus from Inverness to Edinburgh, a plane from Edinburgh to Birmingham, another plane from Birmingham to Paris and then finally a train from Paris to Dijon. After all the stress of travelling I will be releived when I actually arrive and can just get down to the business of settling in.

Despite all the stess I am actually really looking forward to going to Dijon. I’m not really worried about the language thing, I am actually looking forward to being in a situation where I have to speak French all the time.  My biggest worry is actually that I will not be able to find decent teabags!!!!

I am still not sure of what courses I will be able to do, the list may actually be hiding somewhere on the website but I certainly haven’t been able to find it. I think I will be mainly doing literature courses but I am very excited about being able to choose.  I was not able to choose any of my first or second year courses at Edinburgh because all the courses I did were part of my degree.

I can imagine that the next couple of weeks will be pretty hectic – I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to pack everything I need with only 2okgs of allowed baggage! I am sure that I will struggle through it some how and I will write again when I am finally in Dijon and, hopefully, the most stressful part is over!

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