Winter Wonderland in Montreal

If you are considering going on exchange at McGill, you are probably also interested in how different it may be to home or to Edinburgh. This difference can mean a lot of things, but most likely it refers to weather in the case of Montreal.

When I was preparing for departure, I read lots of articles online about the dreadful winter in Quebec. I was also told how bad it can get by fellow friends at McGill. Thankfully, I think it hasn’t been that bad…yet… according to my own opinion as a person who had been used to cold weather whilst living at home. I think that as long as you’re prepared with warm clothes and a good travel plan you’re good to go!

Nevertheless, I thought I should mention that Montreal in the snow is a bit of a winter wonderland. I found it extremely beautiful and peaceful, quite different than the mayhem I thought I would encounter. Thus, I put together a few short clips I filmed from around the city, hoping it would convince you it’s magical.

Hopefully you enjoyed it and are just as excited about lots of snow!

P.S. The video should be seen now.

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