Volunteering in South Africa 2019

By Elsa Bain

I went to volunteer in Port Elizabeth for 5 weeks. I coach one day of netball, two days childcare and two days hockey. At the weekends we went out on excursions, such as sky diving, safari, shark cage diving. On my final week I went up to Cape Town on the garden route tour. It was a fantastic trip to end of my summer experience.

First day of meeting the group of volunteers

Some of the hockey girls we coached. They were always excited to learn and play loads of games.

Before coaching started, we had a lot of fun playing with the children

Nelson Mandela day! Woolworths sponsored a sportday for one of the schools. We volunteered to run the games. It was a lot of fun and a very hot day!

Hockey and netball practice

I volunteered at a childcare/nursey place two days a week. The children were very lively and loved playing in the park and drawing.

The children loved some down time watching DVD’s we had bought for them.

There was also time to do activities at the weekend. We went to an elephant sanctionary, where we fed and walked with them.

Out on the Safari and a day kayaking 

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