Discussing Planets in Iceland

This summer I had the chance to travel to Iceland thanks to the GoAbroad Fund, and attend a major astronomy conference about extra-Solar planets in Reykjavik. While Iceland is only host to a handful of astronomers, its desert landscapes and subarctic climate made this country a highly appropriate location for this international event, named ‘Extreme Solar Systems’. During the meeting, I had the great opportunity to give a talk and present some of my most recent work, as well as meeting with my existing collaborators and interacting with many experts in my research field. Over the course of my stay, I also took the time to explore the wonders of this beautiful Nordic land.

The Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre of Reykjavik, where the conference was held.

My oral presentation at the conference, promoting results from my PhD work to fellow scientists in my research area in front of an impressive crowd of several hundred people. 

The explosive Geysir geothermal hot spring (left) and the very windy site of the Gullfoss waterfall (right), two of the main attractions in the Golden Circle.

The Thingvellir National Park, an astonishing historical site that lies on the ridge between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates, where you can walk along the crack between the two!

And finally, the relaxing moment of the week, in the geothermal spa of the (very) Blue Lagoon.

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