An Introduction to Conservation Medicine

This summer I spent two weeks in Mpumalanga, South Africa gaining an insight, and hands on experience, into the work of wildlife veterinarians. The time I spent with the Raath family and their vets was unforgettable and the most amazing opportunity. Wildlife Vets are an organisation that have over 20 years experience in educating students and vets and they have shown me the incredible possibilities a career in conservation has to offer. Being so close to such amazing animals was a privilege and has excited even more for my future career as a veterinarian.

Three of the four giraffes that roamed the farm in Nelspruit
Early morning at the dip tanks. Local farmers have the option to bring their cattle to be vaccinated and dipped as part of the Siyatutuka Farmers Community Project
We worked with local agricultural students to vaccinate the cattle and local dogs
Rabies vaccines, flea and mange treatment are also offered. Children stopped on the way home from school to watch and bring their own dogs
Litter of puppies that were vaccinated and treated for anaemia
Darting practice (and competition!)
Giraffe capture and relocation
Tembo is 35 years old and was kept as a pet when his family was culled as a baby. He began destroying local farms as he remembered his family being killed but was rescued and now has a new herd at Elephant Whispers
Pack of painted dogs that we saw successfully hunt an impala in Kruger National Park. The puppies can be seen eating the impala on the left
Heron riding a hippo across a lake in Kruger
Zebra in Kruger
Bull giraffe in Kruger
Injecting butorphanol into the ear vein of an impala
Checking claws are all intact before relocation
Ghost, 5 year old male lion
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