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Hello Wood is an independent, international educational platform in design and architecture. Each year they run an intensive week-long summer school with the principal aim of educating a new generation of architects in the importance of sustainable timber-based design. This year I was lucky enough to be selected to take partand the Go Abroad Fund provided the essential financial aid I needed to take up my place.

The camp itself is based in the rural Hungarian country side, just north of Lake Balaton – a two hour bus ride from the capital, Budapest. Here the 100 students are divided into 18 groups, each led by two trained architects. The students and team leaders are from 70 different counties making for a truly international community.

© Zsuzsa Darab

Practical skills

I selected the ‘Party Temple’ project, an exciting proposal dedicated to creating a space for people to come together and celebrate. We, the ‘Party Priests’, were charged with the responsibility of constructing eight 5 meter high units in time for the carnival finale – 5 days away. Having little experience with construction work, I wondered how useful I could actually be in this process. However, by the end of the week I was using power tools with confidence and precision, as well as lifting concrete block work with a straight back and bent knees. Hello Wood provided me, as a young architect, with the opportunity to fully appreciate the amount of skill and energy needed to realise a design concept in the third dimension.

© Zsuzsa Darab


Wood, being the only truly renewable construction material, will be used increasingly in architecture as the pressure to the produce zero emission buildings intensifies. The experience and knowledge I have gained from working exclusively with wood during the summer school allows me to confidently incorporate the material into my future designs and thus increasing their sustainability.

© Zsuzsa Darab


It was hard work heaving large amounts of wood under the intense heat of a Hungarian Summer, there was a necessity for teamwork and reliance on others which meant bonds and friendships were formed quickly and deeply. A stream of constant communication was needed to determine the most efficient methods for each step in the construction process which led to a shared sense of achievement. These collaboration skills will prove to be useful in the coming academic year as next terms syllabus is heavily based on group work.

© Zsuzsa Darab


I have gained valuable connections to industry professionals during my time at Hello Wood. The inclusive, informal atmosphere of the camp meant that there was no divide between student and professional – we shared meals and partied together. In this way I was able to make mutually respecting friendships with some notable people in the architectural world, I will use these links in the coming year as I search for an internship.


My name is mentioned in the ArchDaily article written on this years Summer school, an exciting moment and something I am able to mention in future interviews.


 © Tamás Bujnovszky
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